Sabtu, 17 September 2016

MuTe # Muhammad Teladanku

Package Books Muhammad imitators (Mute) This is a package of best-selling books and being hunted by the Muslim family. Join our join Muhammad imitators of gathering books #MuTe of Because the books as the world's window and reading is the key to open the door all the information science. So that means a mini library in every Muslim family in particular, is recommended. So that we can inculcate interest in reading as early as possible for family members, especially children beloved.
Muhammad imitators Sygma Mute Daya Insani
Muhammad imitators of
Who does not know the figure of the Prophet Muhammad it would have been difficult to imitate let alone make him a role model within ourselves and our families. #MuTe A book package Muhammad imitators super full. 
Mute is a collection of story book series sirah Prophet Muhammad first in Indonesia, which was delivered in the form of a fairy tale.
#MuTe Book to introduce to the family at the prime example of human figure. Presented in an easily understandable and exciting, and rich in moral values ​​and the noble Islamic history. So understands the values ​​of Islam which is exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad to be more interesting in artistic presentation full color illustrations . And certainly not boring because it comes with a variety of interactive tools.
No need to worry with its price is considered expensive by most parents. For now, parents can get a package wherever domicile mute book in a way Arisan or credit for 10 months or even 12 months. 

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